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Fullerton, Nebraska

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  Fullerton, the county seat of Nance County, is located at the confluence of the Loup and Cedar Rivers in East Central Nebraska. State Highways 14 and 22 intersect in the community. Fullerton is 37 miles west of Columbus, 42 miles northeast of Grand Island and 123 miles west of Omaha.

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Last CensusCurrent Year%
Nance County .......3,7353,576-4.3%
Labor Market Population1.......63,54063,6280.1%

1) Labor market population is the county population plus the contiguous county population.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Estimates, March 2017. City populations estimated to be released July 2017.

County Age Distribution (2016) :
Age: 0-19 20-24 25-44 45-64 65+ 85+ Total % Split
Male......... 460 85 386 525 176 145 1,777 49.7 %
Female...... 438 93 355 509 176 228 1,799 50.3 %

Total: 898 178 741 1,034 352 373

Median Age (2016):     State 36.3 years       County 45.9 years

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division, County Population Estimates by Selected Age and Gender. Released June 2017.
State Data. U.S. Census Bureau, 2017 American Community Survey

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Number of Single Units Built in Last 2 Years..... 4
Number of Multiple Units Built in Last 2 Years..... 0
Average Monthly Rental - 3 Bedroom House..... $275
Average Monthly Rental - 2 Bedroom Apartment..... $275
Average Cost of Houses Sold (last 2 years)..... $60,000

Available Lots Information

Building Incentive Information

External Links

Woodland Park, built in 1979, is a 32-unit housing complex for the elderly, handicapped, and disabled. Rent is based on income. Facilities include laundry room, clubhouse, and two storage units. Beverly Square, built in 2002, is a 15-unit assisting living facility. Valley View is a 20-unit assisted living facility built in 2002.

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Labor Force
Labor Force.....1,020,9132,02732,940    
Total Employment.....980,6682,07833,959    
Unemployment as % of Labor Force.....4.4%2.5%3.1%    

1) Area labor force and employment data are for the county plus the contiguous counties.
For further information regarding underemployment in the area, please contact NPPD at (877) 275-6773.
Source: Year end 2015, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Online Data, Released 6/2016.

Wages: Sample of hourly wage rates in manufacturing occupations (production and/or clerical).
Job Title 10th
Median 90th
Accountants and Auditors$18.44$27.83$46.64
Assemblers and Fabricators, All Other$10.36$14.02$18.27
Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics$13.18$22.13$31.32
Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks$9.90$15.37$23.21
Civil Engineers$19.29$41.63$51.04
Computer Operators$9.95$17.28$27.45
Computer Programmers$14.10$28.12$44.53
Computer Systems Analysts$26.39$38.98$54.52
Customer Service Representatives$9.98$14.18$23.19
Cutting and Slicing Machine Setters, Operators$12.89$16.77$23.27
Cutting, Punching, and Press Machine Setters, Operators$13.33$16.80$23.32
Data Entry Keyers$10.58$14.34$20.66
Drilling and Boring Machine Tool Setters, Operators$9.41$19.16$24.91
Driver/Sales Workers$9.45$11.06$21.94
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technicians$19.72$32.51$43.99
Electrical Engineers$25.94$42.16$56.97
Grinding, Lapping, Polishing, and Buffing Machine Tool Setters, Operators$13.82$17.19$23.04
Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers$13.71$20.11$29.89
Hotel, Motel, and Resort Desk Clerks$9.44$10.84$14.33
Industrial Engineers$28.80$40.75$58.32
Industrial Machinery Mechanics$15.22$20.05$29.17
Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators$13.05$15.63$19.90
Laborers and Freight, Stock, and Material Movers, Hand$10.60$14.63$19.59
Lathe and Turning Machine Tool Setters, Operators$15.85$21.37$24.88
Light Truck or Delivery Services Drivers$9.63$15.22$34.55
Maintenance Workers, Machinery$13.81$19.44$24.46
Mechanical Engineers$23.96$30.92$45.95
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists$21.39$28.33$37.76
Milling and Planing Machine Setters, Operators$13.95$20.61$24.28
Multiple Machine Tool Setters, Operators$11.91$18.90$24.66
Nursing Assistants$10.46$13.19$18.21
Office Clerks, General$9.43$12.10$18.27
Packers and Packagers, Hand$9.43$11.05$15.64
Receptionists and Information Clerks$9.76$13.24$17.69
Registered Nurses$19.84$27.22$37.28
Retail Salespersons$9.15$10.14$18.07
Secretaries, Except Legal, Medical, and Executive$10.40$14.12$19.16
Shipping, Receiving, and Traffic Clerks$11.63$16.31$23.10
Stock Clerks and Order Fillers$9.40$10.73$16.92
Tool and Die Makers$16.95$22.64$30.20
Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers$13.61$17.89$23.54
Welding, Soldering, and Brazing Machine Setters, Operators$13.40$17.53$23.40

Source: Nebraska Workforce Development, Occupational Employment Statistics Program, Second Quarter 2017.

Percent of Manufacturing Labor Force Unionized............0%
Number of Work Stoppages in Past 5 Years ............0


Motor Carrier:

Number & Type of Roads Serving Community -
Limited Access, Four-Lane Hwys.....000
Improved Two-Lane Hwys.....020
Hwy. NameMiles
Miles to nearest Interstate hwy.....Interstate 8040
Miles to nearest four-lane hwy.....

Motor Freight Carriers:
  More than 13,500 licensed motor carriers with worldwide connections are based in Nebraska and serve businesses throughout North America.

Nebraska Right in the Middle!

Transit Time for Carload or Truckload Lots to:
Distance by
Hwy. Miles
Days by
Days by
Motor Freight
Omaha.....1351-2 days1 Day
Lincoln.....1081-2 days1 Day
Chicago.....5851-3 days1-2 days
Dallas.....6463-4 days2-3 days
Denver.....4471-3 days1-2 days
Kansas City.....2991-3 days1-2 days
Los Angeles.....14584-7 days2-3 days
Minneapolis.....4301-3 days1-2 days
New York.....13594-7 days3-5 days
St. Louis.....5511-3 days2-3 days
Legal Trucking Distances - Nebraska

North-south Nebraska Highway 14 and east-west Nebraska Highway 22 intersect in the community. Local load limits are not imposed on these highways. Interstate 80 is 40 miles south and Interstate 29 is 130 miles east of Fullerton. Greyhound Bus Lines at Grand Island, 40 miles, and Arrow State Lines at Columbus, 43 miles, provide the nearest bus service.

Distance to nearest public airport.....2 minute(s)
Elevation.....1,652 feet
Length of longest runway.....3,000 feet
Runway lighted.....Yes
Private aircraft storage available.....Yes
Private aircraft maintenance available.....Yes
Distance to nearest commercial air transportation.....60 minute(s)

Distance to nearest international airport:

Name of Airport Miles to Airport
from Community
Omaha Eppley International 139
Kansas City International 282
Denver International 440

CAMP Airport, two miles northeast of Fullerton, has one runway, hangar, and fuel. Five private planes are hangared there. This is a private airport; however, permission can be requested for landing. The Columbus Municipal Airport, 43 miles, is utilized by both commercial and private aircraft. Air freight and air express services are available. Facilities at the Columbus Municipal Airport include 100 low-lead octane and jet fuel, one fixed-base operator, major and minor repairs, tie downs, courtesy and rental cars, aircraft rental and sales, crop spraying, and flight instruction. Four of the 50 private and corporate planes are hangared there are available for charter. The nearest point of scheduled air service is at Central Nebraska Regional Airport near Grand Island, 40 miles. Passenger, air freight, and air express services are available.

Community Served by Railroad.....No
Distance to Nearest Railroad..... 13 mile(s)
Number of Freight Trains Per Day.....0
Functional Piggyback Ramp Available.....No
Distance to Nearest Piggyback Service.....125 mile(s)

Name of Railroad(s) Serving Community: Nebraska Central Railroad

The Nebraska Central Railroad, a shortline railroad, serves Genoa, Nebraska with rail service 13 miles from Fullerton. Nebraska Central connects with the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Switching is done by train crews, with the nearest switching yard located in Columbus, 43 miles.

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 State Electric Power Deregulated.....   No

Electric System Operator: Loup Public Power District
  phone - (402) 564-3171
  website -
  email -
  comments -
Loup Power District, a wholesale power customer of Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD), is a full-service, public power electric utility in eastern-central Nebraska. Headquartered in Columbus, Neb., Loup's service area covers approximately 2,028 square miles. The District maintains 780 miles of transmission and distribution lines and has been generating electric power since March 5, 1937. Total population within Loup's service area is approximately 50,000. Loup purchases, sells and delivers approximately 1.2 billion kilowatt hours of electric power annually to wholesale and retail customers across a service area that spans four counties entirely and parts of three others. Loup promotes the economic and industrial development of its service area. For further specifics on your project needs, please contact David Bell, Vice President of Development-Marketing, by calling 402-564-3171 ext. 257.

Wholesale Supplier: Loup Public Power District
Additional Comments: Fullerton's power source is the Fullerton 115 kV substation, located six miles north of Fullerton on Highway 14. The substation is tied to NPPD's statewide grid system by a 115 kV line to Albion. The substation has a capacity of 28 MVA and presently has a peak load of 20 MVA. The city of Fullerton is fed by a 34.5 kV circuit, approximately seven miles in length, which is connected to the District's 34.5 kV system. The city distribution system is 4,160 wye, which is supplied by a centrally located 6,250 kVA transformer.

Natural Gas:
Natural Gas Service Available.....Yes
Supplier in Community.....Kinder Morgan, Inc.

Natural gas is supplied to the community of Fullerton by Kinder Morgan, Inc., through a two-inch transmission pipeline with an operating pressure of approximately 800 pounds per square inch. As specific requirements of an industrial prospect become available, information on gas service availability and applicable rates can be obtained from Kinder Morgan's Service Center, (800) 563-0012

Provider.....City of Fullerton
Major Source.....Well
If Wells, Average Depth.....80 feet
Rated Capacity.....2.113 mgd
Average Capacity.....0.400 mgd
Peak Demand.....1.000 mgd
Storage Capacity.....385,000 gallons
Hardness.....460 ppm
Temperature Range.....57 (degrees Fahrenheit)

The municipal water system in Fullerton is supplied by three wells, which have an average depth of 80 feet. The system, serving 98% of the population, has a combined pumping capacity of 1,200 gallons per minute. The static pressure is 65 pounds per square inch and the residual pressure is 63 pounds per square inch. Groundwater is available for industrial uses. An 80-foot well will produce approximately 475 gallons of water per minute. The water table has not changed significantly in the past five years. A $100 water connection fee is charged for new service.

Sanitation/Waste Water:
Name of Provider.....City of Fullerton
Type of Service.....Sanitary Sewer System and Storm Sewer System
Rated Capacity.....0.200 (mgd)
Peak Demand.....0.230 (mgd)
Sewer Connection Fee.....Yes

Fullerton has a municipal sanitary sewerage system and a storm sewer system. The lagoon-type treatment plant, designed to handle a population of 1,500, was built in 1962. A $10 sewer connection fee is charged for new service.

Name of Local Service Provider.....Qwest Communications
Number of Long Distance Service Providers.....5

Telecommunications services are provided by to the Fullerton area by Qwest Communications with a digital telephone switch connected with fiber. Reduntant fiber routes are available. The digital switch has the capability for custom calling features. Broad-band access to the Internet is provided by Hamilton Telecommunications in Aurora, Cable Nebraska in Central City, and Galaxy Cable in Syracuse.

top of page TAX STRUCTURE

Actual Valuation of City: $30,052,319 (year 2002)
Real Property Tax Rates ($ per $100 of actual value):
For Year: 2002
Total Real Property.......$1.9500300

Bond Indebtedness:
For Year: 2002
General Obligation.........$540,000.00

The school bond is a building bond that was orginally $1,750,000 and has a remaining balance of 156,000.

Type of Government..... Mayor-Council
Comprehensive City Plan..... Yes, 1999 (year)
City Manager..... Yes
City Engineer..... Yes
City Zoning Ordinance in Effect..... Yes
County Zoning Ordinance in Effect..... Yes
Garbage Service Provider..... Private
Public Library in City..... Yes
Percent of Streets Paved..... 76 %
Number Full-Time Fire Department Personnel..... 0
Number Volunteer Fire Department Personnel..... 30
Number Full-Time Police Officers..... 7
Inside CityOutside City
Fire Insurance Class..... 66

Fullerton, a second class city, has a mayor-council form of government. The city of Fullerton contracts with Nance County Sheriff's Department in providing protection to the community. The Nance Sheriff's Department employs seven sworn officers and five support personnel.

Public Schools# of SchoolsEnrollmentTeacher/Student Ratio
Elementary 11871:13
Senior High 12001:11

Vocational courses and tech prep programs offered in the high school include business education, agriculture, family and consumer science, and industrial technology. The Fullerton School System is part of North Tri-Valley Distance Learning Consortium with full motion, fully interactive video and audio using 45Mbps of bandwich with fiber to the high school. Tri-Valley Distance Learning digital video switch provides access to Central Community College in Grand Island, the Explorit Center in Aurora, Wayne State College, Northeast Nebraska Community College, Metropolitan Community College (Omaha), University of Nebraska at Omaha, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Kiewiet Technology Center in Omaha, and University of Nebraska at Lincoln. NorthStar Services in Columbus serves adults with developmental disabilities in 22 northeast Nebraska counties, including Nance County.

External Links

Type of facilities in city or within 30 minutes:
Public Golf Course(s).....0
Private Golf Course(s).....2
Public Tennis Court(s).....2
Public Swimming Pool(s).....1
Public Park(s).....1
Public Camp Ground(s).....1
Nearest Public Access to Lake or River.....15 mile(s)
Motorized Boats.....Yes
Water Skiing/Tubing.....Yes

The Fullerton City Park covers one block and has rest rooms, sand volleyball court, picnic area and grills, and playground equipment. Loup and Cedar Rivers both allow air boating and canoeing. Fullerton has a 6 lane bowling alley. Annual celebrations include the Alumni Reunion held on Memorial weekend, Fourth of July celebration and parade, the Nance County Fair in August, and the Fall Fest in September. Summer recreation programs include baseball, softball, swimming, golf, sand volleyball, and tennis. The Fullerton Area Senior Center opened in 1989. Noon meals are provided at the Center and also delivered to the homebound.

Number of Hospitals in Community.....0
Number of Beds in Hospital(s).....0
Number of Outpatient Clinics.....1
Medical Personnel in or Serving Community:
Medical Doctor(s) / Physician Assistant(s).....6
Dentist(s) / Orthodontist(s).....1
Nurse(s) (registered or practical).....15

The residents of Fullerton utilize the Genoa Community Hospital, 18 miles east; Litzenberg Memorial Hospital in Central City, 20 miles south; and the Boone County Health Center in Albion, 22 miles north of Fullerton. The Lone Tree Medical Clinic is staffed daily by either a physician or a physician's assistant. The clinic has a full laboratory and x-ray and provides all medical services. Outreach clinics including cardiology and orthopedics are held regularly in the clinic. The Nance County Medical Clinic is staffed daily by either a physician or a physician's assistant who commute from Boone County Health Center in Albion. Albion Family Chiropractic is staffed on Tuesdays by a chiropractor and support staff.

Machine Shops in City.......2
Tool & Die Services in City.......1
Electric Motor Repair Services in City.......2

Type of Newspaper in City.......weekly
Local Radio Station(s).......5

Number of TV Channels Received without Cable.......3
Cable Antenna Television Serves City.......Yes
Maximum Number of Cable Channels Received.......111

Number of Protestant Churches.......3
Number of Catholic Churches.......1
Number of Synagogues.......0

Number of Motels & Hotels in Community.......1
Total Number of Rooms Available.......16

Number of Banks in City.......2Assets: $67,000,000

Chamber of Commerce.......Yes
Chamber Executive is Full-Time.......No


Leading Employers in Community:

#1.Business Name:County of Nance
Service Sector: Government
Employment Number: Total: 41   (Male: 28   Female: 13)
Year Established:1879
#2.Business Name:Fullerton Public Schools
Service Sector: Services
Employment Number: Total: 40   (Male: 19   Female: 21)
Year Established:1884
#3.Business Name:Sandy Ridge Cattle, Inc.
Service Sector: Services
Employment Number: Total: 25   (Male: 18   Female: 7)
Year Established:1986
Products/Service:Cattle feeding, marketing & trucking
#4.Business Name:First National Bank and Trust
Service Sector: F.I.R.E.
Employment Number: Total: 15   (Male: 4   Female: 11)
Year Established:1881
#5.Business Name:Farm Services Agency
Service Sector: Government
Employment Number: Total: 9   (Male: 2   Female: 7)
Year Established:1938
#6.Business Name:Len & Jo's Super Market
Service Sector: Services
Employment Number: Total: 9   (Male: 6   Female: 3)
Year Established:1962
Products/Service:Groceries, Liquor & Bakery
#7.Business Name:North Star Neighbors, LLB
Service Sector: Services
Employment Number: Total: 11   (Male: 5   Female: 6)
Year Established:1998
Products/Service:Livestock & meat marketing
#8.Business Name:City Fullerton
Service Sector: Government
Employment Number: Total: 7   (Male: 4   Female: 3)
Year Established:1884
#9.Business Name:Tri-Valley Cooperative
Service Sector: Services
Employment Number: Total: 8   (Male: 7   Female: 1)
Year Established:1918
Products/Service:Grain, feed, fertilizer, chemcial application & service station
#10.Business Name:Fullerton National Bank
Service Sector: F.I.R.E.
Employment Number: Total: 8   (Male: 2   Female: 6)
Year Established:1900

Industrial Buildings Available in Community.......0
Spec Buildings Available.......0
Details Available Online.......No
Details Available in Print.......No

Controlled Industrial Sites Available in Community.......0
Details Available Online.......No
Details Available in Print.......No

Our Community: Fullerton is a community filled with leaders that are growing the community and the economy. With an active economic development plan, this community is pulling together for progress.

Suggested Sites:
City of Fullerton and the Economic Development Committee/Chamber of Commerce. @
Nance County Foundation @
Broken Arrow Wilderness Camp @
Fullerton High School @
Beverly Healthcare @
Scott Voichoskie
City of Fullerton
PO Box 400
Fullerton, NE 68638
Phone:(308) 536-2428
Fax:(308) 536-2893
 Thomas L. Higginbotham Jr.
Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District
111 South 1st Street
Norfolk, Nebraska 68701
Phone:(402) 379-1150
Fax:(402) 379-9207
State Contacts:Dave Rippe
Economic Development Director
Neb. Dept. of Economic Development
PO Box 94666
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-3125 or
(800) 426-6505
 Mary Plettner, Economic Development Manager
Nebraska Public Power District
PO Box 499
1414 15th Street
Columbus, NE 68601
Phone: (402) 563-5534 or (877) 275-6773
Fax: (402) 563-5090

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